June 12th, 2006

Alex Tink

Looking for a apartment in GR? Avoid this landlady!

I noticed the other day that the gray house with the red trim on Prospect NE had a "For Rent" sign in front of it. [It's in the block between Fountain and Lyon and the address is 127]

I lived there for a year and moved out when the lease was up. I'm posting this to warn everyone about the person who owns this property! Her name is Ursula Bordeux and I believe that is the only house she owns in the area. I had problems with her coming in my apartment when I wasn't home and also had issues with things comming up missing as well as things being in odd spots. I caught her several times in my places..as well less than thrilled. I know someone who lives in the house right now and she has problems with this lady going into her apartment without warning all the time as well.

I wouldn't rent from this lady if I were you! I also had problems with things breaking and her not fixing them. In fact she started to fix things in my apartment when I told her I was moving out. And had the nerve to not give me my security deposit back because she "needed it to fix the shower" My shower leaked the last 4-5 months that I lived there and I told her the day it started leaking but she failed to fix it!

Just thought I would warn you guys! I know there are way to many slum lords in the area..but one that invades your privacy is even worse in my opinion!